The Year in Review: 2019

End-of-year roundups are exhausting, so this is just a list of things I liked that happened to happen in 2019:

  • Good music, particularly Sharon Van Etten‘s album, Remind Me Tomorrow, which is delightfully Springsteen-esque, as well as the awesome Epic Beard Men album, This Was Supposed to Be Fun, which is actually a lot of fun!
  •  Re-reading Infinite Jest and allowing myself to just enjoy how challenging it is and taking time to appreciate the tricks of the language. I really felt my brain was exercised and exorcised by the end
  • Spending $500 to get the air-conditioning fixed in my black car with its black leather interior. It paid for itself in the heatwave that hit even before it was officially summer and also means my right arm is no longer tanned from driving with the window down. I also enjoyed going to the car wash at midnight with all the other people who drive low, teenage boy turbo cars and spending $20 on a Bluetooth FM transmitter so I can listen to podcasts through my car stereo. I love perfectly made things which solve an annoying problem, even more so when they only cost $20
  • The addition of Lolli and Mack to the wider family. They’ve eaten sheets and entire outdoor lounge settings, they’ve slipped inside and caused havoc, they’ve delighted adults and children alike. They are both Very Good Dogs  and rascals at the  same time


  • Preparing cosplay for Comicon and being left in charge of booking accommodation, which I realised, upon arrival, was in the notorious Opal Tower, which was undergoing repairs for major structural damage at the time, but honestly was fine if you just trod lightly!

Comicon itself was really fun, though I will be happy if I never have to clean up after using black hair spray ever again.


  • I don’t even use Twitter anymore and my attention span is still so short that watching a movie can be a challenge, but I was determined to revisit every Tarantino movie before seeing Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood and it was worth all 1246 minutes of viewing pleasure


  • If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s advanced trigonometry and saying ‘advanced trigonometry’ when really I mean ‘online shopping’. I made several outstanding purchases this year, which included Paul Jackson’s Darwin’s Revenge, eyeball pillowcases and a ginvent calendar!


  • I feel like I peaked about a week early, but excessive pre-Christmas cheer was also a standout this year. Christmas can be a difficult time, but it’s hard to feel blue when you have a bright purple Christmas tree and gaudy leopard print baubles!


  • Finally, we did a lot of family walks with dogs this year and I felt very fortunate to witness the landscape and the changing seasons before everything was ravaged by drought. I’ve stopped taking photos because it’s too depressing, verging on desperate, but I hope the new year will bring some relief



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