Washing my hair, doing the laundry.

About two months ago my brother-in-law dropped my new camera off at my house. A series of events meant the camera had travelled from Sydney to Orange, via a long stopover on the Central Coast and I had been impatiently waiting to get my hands on it for weeks.

As he walked across my front yard, he pretended to trip and we laughed about how funny it would be if, after all the hassle and waiting, the camera didn’t even make it inside.

Two weeks later, before I’d even had a chance to use the camera, I actually did trip over in my front yard, dislocating and fracturing my elbow, rendering my left arm useless for the time being and the camera has been sitting bundled in its backpack, next to the guitar I also can’t play.

Since I had The Fall (and it needs to be capitalised, if only because in these times of plagues and pestilence, it’s the only thing out of the ordinary that’s happened to me in the last 12 months), life has been a series of appointments and waiting rooms.

My next appointment is in about two weeks and I’m hopeful this time that the brace will come off and I’ll be able to start physio and driving and photography again, so I decided to tidy things up here, with the intention of posting photos once I can take them again and when I have weaned myself off my iPhone and am back into the trickier world of DSLRs.


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