The grass is riz.

Right. I think we all realise most of us aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so September is just a holding pattern.

I was supposed to be in Coolah this weekend, eating small country town Chinese and driving golf balls at the course where if you want to play a round, you just leave money in a box on an honour system.

I’ve decided to take a week off regardless, because sometimes not being at work is the best place to be.

I’m also going to try and crack the code of self care. I’m always sort of mildly surprised when I’ve got things on lock, and I’m genuinely in a pretty good headspace right now and not just in a “Holy shit, the entire world changed and I haven’t gone mad!” way, even if we weren’t in a pandemic, I’d say I’m going okay, thanks to my GP and Big Parma.


I don’t sleep enough, I’m not even in the same ballpark as sleeping enough. I am sitting across town, looking at the ballpark through some binoculars.

I gotta learn to sleep.

I need to walk more. Before I dislocated my elbow, my walks were 7kms long and had steep inclines and sometimes involved jogging. One of the highlights of my year was when my walking buddy looked over as we jogged and said, “You look really coordinated!”.

Ignoring the fact that a few weeks later I fell face first into a hole, for a brief moment I was coordinated and it felt great.

I also need to learn to relax. Remember that feeling you’d get on a Friday afternoon when the school bell rang? That was the best feeling in the world and I don’t get that anymore. I did a lot of weekend work to be able to afford to live in Sydney and I think it broke the relaxing part of my brain and my brain thinks it’s a real party to lie on the couch, staring at the ceiling thinking about all the things I should be doing instead and then feeling guilty about it.

Obviously these aren’t things I can fix in a week, and I’ve even left out my whole thing about eating better because that’s so boring it might even put me to sleep, but you know, it’s good to just know what to focus on.

Anyway, here are some things I’ve been doing to keep sane-ish:

Taking photos within COVID restrictions. I can’t even tell you how frustrating it is knowing there are canola fields out there in bloom and I can’t get at them, so I’ve just been pulling over and jumping out to snap photos whenever something catches my eye in the triangle I drive between work, home and the supermarket.

Writing cards to kids. I have a friend with four kids and they’re just the best, happiest kids, so different from one another and every time I see them, they give me a drawing or a card, or some facts about space and they’re stuck at home, away from their friends and they can’t process what’s going on. For the younger ones, a huge chunk of their lives has been during the pandemic and even though you would assume it would be their norm, it isn’t and they’re struggling, so today I am dropping off some cards I wrote to them, because kids never get mail and mail is the best!

Spending time with my dog. Honestly, dogs. Big Pharma would be redundant if there were more dogs. Put dogs in charge of the country, give every human KPIs for hours playing fetch and giving belly rubs. It is very, very hard to feel bad when you have your arms around a dog.

Making playlists. I still buy a lot of CDs and vinyl and I buy directly from the artists where I can, which goes some way to helping the guilt I feel about how shit streaming services are for artists, and with that out of the way, I do use streaming services and I’ve been having fun making dumb playlists with titles like, ‘Julia’s Most Favourite-ist Hip-Hop’ and ‘Love Song Dedications for a Pandemic Generation’.

Welcome to spring, those of us in the great southern land. My best wishes to all of you in this sweetest of seasons, as we all ease ourselves into what we will make our best Hot Girl Summer in our own special ways x


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